Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Media Monster

It doesn't hide in your closet. It's not under your bed. It is in your living room, kitchen, car and mind. The media monster dominates a large part of our living space and has then trickled into our brains down into our souls. No need to express the obvious bias political media has for the Democratic Party. News from the media is healthy until it becomes the soul source for American cititizens. This was witnessed in the last presidential election. Obama was the prince charming for the media and McCain the evil villain. Uneducated and apathetic Americans were targeted intensley to vote by "non-partisan" (liberal) sources, bringing a very high turnout for non-traditional voters, placing Obama on his throne of power. I witnessed this romantic portrayl of Obama on my campus. Every other sorority bimbo associated herself with Obama without even knowing one of the democratic party's issues. College Democrats registered students left and right at the quad, pushing for Obama in the process. The next four years should be interesting. I could go on for quite sometime about the victims of the media monster but need to continue writing a paper for my campaigns and elections class. This has been my very first political blog and hope it was written well!